by Carrion



"The Rite" is the third full-length album by Norwegian industrial act Carrion.


released November 25, 2016



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Carrion Kingdom of Norway

Norwegian Industrial

"..Come and see.."

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Track Name: Ash Hearts
You think there is hope
But it`s all a lie
There`s no glamour in blood spilled for a false light

Corruptions tounge has licked our cunts for too long
Turn the other cheek, pretend not to see
They cash in everytime we bleed

Ashen hearts
And empty eyes
Raped and deceived
Swallowed by greed

Your so-called saviours
To serve and protect
Sits on a throne of deception and death
Track Name: Dirty Glamour
Behind their smoke and mirrors
There`s nothing of worth
Behind their glamour is nothing but dirt

Worming their way into your heart
Feasting on you till you`re falling apart
Living for nothing but stardom and fame
What will they do when their beauty decays

Just empty shells
Filled with false hope
Infecting the throne

Pray for dirty glamour
Track Name: The Virgins Heartbeat
I`ll offer adoration
You`ll whisper pretty lies
I`ll beg for seduction
And you will destroy

Once again
We`ve let ourselves fall
Down the bottomless pit of hope
Though we know there`s nothing there
We still pray to be rid off our despair

Set our sights on failure
Wishing to be heartless
Pull my trigger
Through blood we`re free
Track Name: Ov Hope & Hell
I keep my hope to myself
I threw away the key
To our personal Hell
Love has found it`s rightful owner
Dead eyes open, Shadows taking over

Throw a rose into the abyss
Chews and spits it back
Burn the pictures
Broken frames
Our eyes are set ablaze

Still my eyes are opened
Tore the stitches, burned the veil
Give the heart, receive the favour
On endless oceans we set sail...
Track Name: Serpentine
Pray for debris
Yes, come and see
They`re living in me
Now and always

The devils set free
Spreading filth and disease
Bring the weak to their knees
And give your blood to me

Speak through me
Saviour in black
We hail nothing but thee
Track Name: Father Forget Me: Anima
Forget me Father
For I am sin incarnate
Your cross could never keep me down
Malformation, transformation increased
Metamorphisis, the sequel to my genesis

Gaze into the mirror
What do you see?
Do you see the anima, the true shape of me?

Slit my throat so you can watch me as I swallow
Every little pill will serve as a middle finger
Saluting this world

Now, I ask the flies, do you remember?
Do you remember the blood?
The constant rivers
Of denial and hate
Well this is the end
I am the end
Track Name: Crimson Glow: Condemnation
And she said;

"Come hither
The kiss of the heretics
The scar of martyrs

Can`t you hear
That voiceless call
It pulls you towards
The voice of the dead

In crimson glow
In ashes falling like snow
Hidden beneath the skin
Slit the veins
Let the Devil in

Let`s pull each others trigger
Let`s wish each other well
Let`s take each others life and damn us both to Hell"
Track Name: Babylon
Locked and loaded
The angels fall
Shadows dance
The trumpets call

Voiceless whispers
Serpent tounges
Dancing to the devils drums

Strip the bones
Black and gold
Pray you find a casket to call home
Pray you find a casket to call home

Heart to ashes
It is done
The flies have now eclipsed the sun
St.Valentine is dead and gone
Kiss the whores of babylon
Kiss the whores of babylon
Kiss the whores of babylon
Kiss the whores of babylon

Waste away