EP - Hymns From The Gutter

by Carrion



released October 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Carrion Kingdom of Norway


Norwegian Industrial

"..Come and see.."

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Track Name: Mephistopheles: Umbra Dominus
Crawling through the ashes
Breathing death and gasoline
The serpent whispers
In smoke and fire

The angels of the gutter
Sick of waiting
The Devils sings through me
Come and see, come and see

You can`t escape the swarm
The flies conspire
Hidden in Heaven`s glow
Your crosses will feed our fire

Dirty, shunned and exiled
We are the angels of the gutters
The reapers of the end
Hellbound and Heavensent.
Track Name: Signia De Serpens
The holy stench of sulphur
Reeks from the hands of their child
The marked, the few and fallen
Exiled from their so-called Paradise
Open veins to welcome
The Devils within
Hearts beating to the rythm
Of the Serpents song

Locked away, imprisoned
The time has come
The Sign of the snake
Is all around

The angels turn to ashes
Their wings blackened and burnt
Crosses broken, bleeding
Praise the Shadows return
Track Name: Omen
Voiceless whispers
Serpent tounges
Dancing to the Devils drums

The Shadows dancing on the walls
Premonotions of the fall
Raise the daggers
Cut the cords
To kill one is to kill them all
We bear the mark, the horns of war
Track Name: Death`s Vigour
The Reapers vigour
Reaches us all
Nowhere to run and hide from the coming storm
The swinging scythes, slicing through the cords of life
Bring salvation
Through flames we are freed
No need for crosses
They`ll only blacken and bleed

Between the realms
We sharpen our weapons
A gun for our lovers
A blade for the rest

Slowy sucking bullets
Kissing the swords
Bow down and cry to your Lord
Track Name: Amen: Broken Idols II
We`re all saved
We`re cleansed of sin
Praise the saviour
Kiss the cross and hail the maker

Children of the serpent
Pray to a broken idol
We bring severance
The reapers of the end