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After three years of silence Norwegian industrial act Carrion returned with the EP "Revelation" in May of 2019. Shortly after, news of an album appeared in the form of singles slipping out into the digital realm

At last the album comes, showing a better, improved version of Carrion exploring a more rock/metal oriented style yet retaining the industrial landscapes painted by earlier releases.

Macabre cut and paste collage style artwork provided by Czech artist Vladimir Vacovsky adorns the album which was produced by Darrin Lewis (Beside The Silence, Nothing Valentine) this album serves as Carrion`s finest collection to date created over the course of nearly four months.


released September 28, 2019

Music/Lyrics: Carrion / Adrian Kjøsnes

Produced by: Darrin Lewis

Artwork: Vladimir Vacovsky


all rights reserved



Carrion Kingdom of Norway

A͚̻̥͉͈̗ ̭̹̮̞PU̳̮̩R̼̱̰̤̜̞G͔̞̝I̴̞N̟̺̤̪͙͎͠G̩͉̺ ͎̳̱͈F͠O͕R͕͝ ̰T͍͓H̹̼͍̝̦̟̯E̙̙̱̤̹̖͝ ̺̪̹͓̤F̵͕͍̠̪̞̟I̠͖̣̟̰̤͟ͅLT̥̻̮H ̼I͖̬̝͎Ņ̪ ̗͎͕̞̹̪Ø̩̦̼͓͕U̮͎R͔̫̠͚͎͞ ̺̟̖̮̬̥ͅV̗̝E҉̖̘I͞N̕S


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Track Name: Messor

Smile for the gun
The cameras rolling
I`m ready, willing and able
To put us both to sleep

You look pretty when your jaw is swollen
When your eyes are broken
I wanna see your heart exploding

Smile for the gun
The cameras rolling
Cocked and loaded
Open your mouth
Catch my bullet

I will grow you a rose (from my crown of thorns)
I will bleed you a crown
Track Name: Flowers Of Eden
Look to the Heavens above
Through bloodshot eyes
Behold the name shines in gilded fire
If the road to Hell is paved with good intention
Then I must be a Saint

Bestow me with your
Empty words of adoration
Dripping honey
From the mouths of molestation

Place my head in the guillotione
Drop the blade, let it fall

They speak of revelation
The Saints of our damnation

All of Eden`s flowers
Turned to dust
The faithful servants heart
Depleted of trust
Track Name: Et Cinis
"Et Cinis"

Have no fear
This song isn`t meant for you to sing
Have no fear
Keep licking the wounds but still they sting
Have no fear
Come unto me with bended knees
Have no fear
Have no fear

[Beauty crowned filth rears it`s ugly head]

In the cinders of their heaven we will find our way [out of the dark]
Sifting through the remains
We will live to find another way
Grant me an exit
Lead me into your light
Track Name: The Iconoclast
Verse I:
Gather the shards of broken gods
glued together with prayer and a napalm heart
our lady of doubt all covered in salt
our faith is a wound that never heals
we kiss the scabs each time we kneel

We`ll wield our scar as the gun
Aiming towards the sun
Bruise the Heavens above
In the Shadow of God`s love
Pluck the feathers from a dove

Verse II:
Sometimes it feels like all my hope`s been skinned alive..
Stripped from the bone, left for the wolves
Through the ash and tears we spread our tattered wings
We`ll find the exit sign
Beneath the mud and razorwire

We`ll wield our scar as the gun
Aiming towards the sun
Bruise the Heavens above
In the Shadow of God`s love
Pluck the feathers from a dove
Track Name: The Light
Holding on to the umbilical noose
I`ll make my way back up
I might need a hand but I`ll settle for a knife

I wear this armor of wounds and woe
A gift from the angels
To keep me warm
But there`s no warmth inside
No light behind these hollow eyes

It`s all gone dark
It`s all a haze

Lead me
Show me

Give me your hand
I`ll give you my heart
On my knees to feel your light
Track Name: The Warmth Of Flesh
"The Warmth Of Flesh"

Come unto me
little angel
cut the smile from your face
carve my name into your heart
fill your veins with my scars

All I want
All I need
All I`ll ever want to fucking feel
Is the warmth of your flesh

Wrap me in your hair
Let me wear you like a dress
Smear my lips and suck me up
Take my hand and feel me in your guts
Track Name: Mistaking Fists For Flowers
This is where it ends
This is where it all begins
Where everything comes crashing down

When your spirit burns and hits the ground
Your house of glass starts to crack

Such a pretty suicide
Everyone just wants to fuck
The demons crawlin in

When everything ends
Wish upon a dying star
Hold me close and watch me fall
Track Name: Slave To The Heart
"Slave To The Heart"

Won`t you be so kind and make me ill
Shower me in your praise
Just to leave me breathless begging to be graced
For just a second more

I`m all tied up
Swinging around
I`m upside down

I never asked to be here
But I don`t want to leave
A slave to the heart
Is this all I can be

The minute I was free
I longed to be back in your chains

Your pendulum is in the shape of a heart
And I`m begging to be graced by your blade

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